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Various Uses of Hand Mixer, Stand Mixer and Jug Blender

If you want to make a big difference to the way you cook or make homemade drinks, then do not forget to consider using the right kind of mixers and blenders. These small appliances have different types; therefore you must choose the one that best suits your specific needs and requirements.

There are three various types of kitchen mixers and blenders, including hand mixer, stand mixer and jug blender.

Describe a Hand Mixer

The hand mixer is a small kitchen appliance held in hand and used for mixing a wide variety of food ingredients. It typically features two beaters, which rotate around, used for mixing up the food inside the bowl. It can be used for whipping up cream or eggs. It is also excellent for making cake mixture. A small batch of cookies is perhaps the heaviest thing that a hand mixer can handle. Use of hand mixers offer a couple of benefits: one is that they don’t take up much space in the kitchen, and second is that they are less expensive.

Description of Stand Mixer

Unlike hand mixers, a stand mixer cannot be stored in a drawer since it permanently sits on your countertop. It has three standard attachments, including the wire whisk, dough hook and paddle. Each of these attachments performs different tasks.

The paddle is deemed as the universal attachment. It is used for mixing almost any type of food ingredients including egg whites, cream and bread dough. It is actually superb for making cake mixes, cookie dough and mashed potatoes.

The dough hook, on the other hand, is quite beneficial for making very thick dough like bread dough. When it comes to whipping eggs, cream and meringue, the best attachment you can use is the wire whisk. The good things about using stand mixers is that it allows you to prepare a vast range of food ingredients with less effort and it makes you feel like a professional chef because of its brilliant results.

Define a Jug Blender

A jug blender is another interesting addition to your kitchen. Its main purpose is to blend and puree liquids. Nevertheless, it can also be used for making soups and gravy mixes.

By simply considering these choices, you can now easily find the one that suits your needs and requirements. Preferably, you must have the three of them. Hand mixers are excellent for quick jobs. Stand mixers, on the other hand, can be used for mixing just about anything. For making fruit and vegetable juices, as well as smoothies, blenders are the right choice.

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Various Uses of Blenders - Food, Jug and Hand Blenders


One of the multifunction kitchen appliances is blender. This piece of equipment is excellent for making sauces, purees, soups, cocktails and smoothies. The current models of professional blenders work almost the same way as a food processor. Here are some of the things your blender will be able to do:

•Chop nuts - these are ideal for creating sauces, desserts and salad.

•Cracker crumbs - a blender is also the best appliance for you when it comes to making fine cracker or bread crumbs. You can also use it for coating chicken and making pies and cheesecakes.

•Spreads - a blender can also be used for making spread recipes, especially if the ingredients are liquid enough. Some of these spread recipes are cream cheese based spreads, pesto and hollandaise sauce.

•Ice - in addition, most of the blenders available today can also crush ice. Ideal for cooling off on a hot day with a cocktail or smoothie.

•Baby food - many health experts recommend that homemade food is the best thing for your baby. Simply add in fruits or vegetables and water, then blend.

•Whipped cream/egg whites - take note that these ingredients are hard to mix by hand. To conclude, a blender is the perfect appliance for a more convenient food preparation.

Hand Blenders

Hand blenders are perfect tools for kitchen with small spaces since you can store them in a drawer or cupboard, giving you a spacious worktop space. Models such as the Bosch MSM6 have a heat resistant foot, meaning it can blend a wide range of both hot and cold ingredients. Quiet, low vibration motors help you to blend without making any mess. Check this to purchase your own hand blender.

It also has a handy transparent beaker and lid, which is best for storing any leftovers.

Like many modern hand blenders, the Bosch model has been ergonomically designed with a soft touch handle for ease of use.

Jug Blenders

Another great addition to any kitchen is the KitchenAd professional blender. Choose from a variety of stylish colours, including almond cream, brushed nickel and chrome. The KitchenAid Artisan will help you dissolve, stir, chop and puree a variety of ingredients. It can crush ice and blend more than one mixture with its free extra jug. Its heavy duty pitcher with fitted based is strong and sturdy, making it worth investing your money.

Food blenders

The Waring Pro Classic Blender is a perfect food blender because of its capacity to blend a vast range of ingredients. The retro, 1950s design comes in red, green, white and black. With just two buttons, the Waring Pro is easy to use and can blend ingredients in just a few minutes. It can also give you an extra smooth result because of its fast vortex action.

Make sure your kitchen has the perfect equipment, buy your hand, food or jug blender now.


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